All our services are tailored to your specific needs. In general, our services cover the following:


Although we are not a firm of bookkeepers, we can offer this service to new clients who are just starting out, or who may not have developed good practice elsewhere and wish to get to grips with this essential process.

Bookkeeping is central to providing good financial information, whether it be to HMRC, Companies House, the bank or the management of the business. Without good bookkeeping practices simple tasks become cumbersome and time consuming when required to produce financial information. It is an often neglected area for small business, especially when starting up, but it shouldn’t be.

In the long run, it will save you time and money to develop good bookkeeping skills. With good bookkeeping you’ll know at an instant what cash you have, have a better idea what you need over the next few months, who owes you money and what you’ve been spending your money on. It will save you money when it comes to preparing VAT returns financial statements and returns for HMRC.

We can help provide you with the bookkeeping skills you will need to run a successful business, giving you friendly advice and training along the way and helping you find a solution that works for you, whether that is help in choosing the right software package or finding a bookkeeper, if you want to leave it all to someone else so you can get on with running your business.

Management Accounts

As your business grows, the next step along from bookkeeping is having regular management accounts produced.

These are not in a difficult to follow format like the statutory accounts, these are accounts presented in a format the business management can understand. It can take just about any format the business owners require, providing just the financial information they feel is necessary.

Typically management accounts are prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis. The information that has been prepared through your bookkeeping will feed directly into producing the management accounts, which at a minimum usually includes a balance sheet and income and expenditure statement.

Management accounts will help you monitor your performance on a monthly or quarterly basis. It’s helpful for keeping an eye on your costs or if you are approaching the VAT threshold.

If you have a budget for your business, we’ll use that to highlight where you have exceeded expectations or are falling short.

If your bookkeeping is good, then producing regular management accounts should be quick and easy – and cheap!

What’s more, all this information will be leveraged when producing your year end statutory accounts. Essentially, it’s the same information, just in a different format. So that makes producing the year end statutory accounts quick, easy and relatively cheap.

 Statutory Accounts

We’ll prepare your statutory accounts for you and submit them to HMRC and Companies House on your behalf. We’ll give you a free appraisal of how you are doing and free advice on ways to keep yourself tax efficient.


Whether you are an individual who just needs some tax advice and the self assessment return submitted each year or you have a company requiring corporation tax returns each year, we can provide this service to you.

See our blogs page for lots of useful (and perhaps a little scary) tax topics. Whether it’s advice on a second home, or the old chestnut “should I setup as a limited company or self-employed”, we’ve probably got something on it in the blogs and more are being added all the time.

VAT Returns

We can produce and submit these for you. Additionally, we can advise on the various VAT topics, such as the cash accounting scheme or the flat rate scheme. We’ll do an appraisal of your business and tell you what we think.


We can provide payroll services for your business, making sure you are compliant with the Real Time Information (RTI) requirements and giving advice on auto enrolment pension requirements.

HR Advice

We can also provide HR support and advice on a wide range of staffing matters including ensuring you are legally compliant in policies and procedures as well as helping you manage performance, grievance and  redundancy issues.

If you would like to discuss any of these services with us please call.